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Our Departments

Dynasty Medical Services Co. Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions, including medical distribution, tourism, importation, engineering, operation, and consultation services, ensuring excellence in every aspect of healthcare delivery

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves


Medical Distribution Department

Our Medical Distribution Department serves as the backbone of our operations, ensuring the supply of a wide range of medicines and medical devices across all territories of Sudan. With a robust logistics network and strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, we guarantee timely delivery and availability of essential healthcare products to healthcare facilities and providers nationwide.


Medical Tourism Department

Our Medical Tourism Department specializes in providing tailored medical packages and comprehensive support for patients seeking treatment abroad. From facilitating travel arrangements to coordinating medical appointments and accommodation, we ensure a high-quality experience for patients seeking specialized medical care.

Container Ship


Medical Importation Department

As agents and distributors of a diverse range of medical equipment, devices, and consumables, our Medical Importation Department plays a primary role in sourcing and procuring innovative healthcare solutions from global manufacturers. With a focus on quality assurance and regulatory compliance, we bring innovative products to the Sudanese market, catering to the evolving needs of healthcare providers.


Medical Engineering Department

Our Medical Engineering Department comprises a team of well-trained and qualified medical engineers dedicated to providing specialized technical support and maintenance services. From installation and calibration to repair and training, our engineers ensure the optimal performance and reliability of medical equipment and systems.



Medical Operation Department

The Medical Operation Department oversees the management and operation of healthcare institutes and departments, offering a range of services aimed at optimizing clinical workflows and enhancing operational efficiency. Our qualified team provides comprehensive support in areas such as facility management, staffing, workflow optimization, and quality assurance.


Hospital Establishment Department

Our Hospital Establishment Department offers end-to-end solutions for hospital planning, design, and operation, catering to the growing demand for healthcare infrastructure development. From feasibility studies and design conceptualization to construction management and regulatory compliance, we provide comprehensive consultancy and project management services to healthcare providers seeking to establish or upgrade hospital facilities.

Building Planning
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